China stands with Bangladesh in fight against Covid: Ambassador

Chinese Ambassador Li Jiming today stated that his country is ready to support Bangladesh in its fight against the pandemic until the end.

He said that Bangladesh is striving to achieve full development by its 70th birthday, while China is embarking on a new journey towards its two centennial goal. There are endless opportunities to elevate the strategic partnership to a higher standard.

China's ambassador stated that China will stand firm with Bangladesh on both regional and global issues such as maintaining peace, security, responding to climate changes, achieving SDGs and securing free and open trade.

"Walk alone if your goal is to move fast, but walk together if it's important to get far." He said that China and Bangladesh should keep their hands together on the path to their dreams, to peaceful and prosperous Asia and to a bright shared future for mankind.

Ambassador Li addressed a webinar to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of People's Republic of China's founding.

The event was hosted by the Bangladesh-China Silk Road Forum with President Dilip Barua as the Chair.

Tomorrow is the 72nd National Day of the People's Republic of China.

China's centennial struggle for national revitalizion is crucially affected by 2021, according to the ambassador.

"At the exact same time, this year also signifies much for my Bangladeshi friends as you celebrate the centenary Bangabandhu Shik Mujibur Rahman's birth and the golden Jubilee of Bangladeshi independence. He said that it even has extraordinary significance for the rest of the world.

China is stepping up for the global Covid-19 response and doing all it can to help other countries in fighting the pandemic, said the envoy.

"President Xi made it clear that vaccines will be a global public benefit, and China is doing everything to ensure equitable distribution of vaccines among developing countries.

The ambassador stated that China provided anti-pandemic assistance to Bangladesh by sending supplies and vaccines as gifts, sending medical personnel and facilitating commercial procurement and, most importantly, localizing the co-production of vaccines.

He said that statistics show that Sinopharm is the most popular brand of vaccines in Bangladesh in terms of inoculation counts.


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